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Press Release Distribution


This service is to distribute your press release across 400+ news outlets & 100,000+ journalists

Buyer please provide the article or order our article writing service.


How many sites can I expect to see my press release on?
We guarantee 400+ live placements on high traffic news outlets. That’s because we hand submit and track the progress of press releases manually.

How many link mentions can I have in the press release?
We like to keep things really natural and only allow a URL link at the end of the publication with the contact details.

Are all the links do-follow?
Because of the nature of press releases, most links are typically nofollow. We do however have a good mix of outlets in our distribution list that are follow. Around 50% of links in a distribution are follow.

How many websites do you distribute to?
We generally distribute to 500+ sites(premium), through various methods such as distribution networks and manual submissions.

Do I get a full report?
Yes, upon completion we will provide you with a full white label placement report.