Make an Amazing whiteboard video 


Make an Amazing whiteboard video with 99.99 US including below content:

Check whiteboard video sample here:

1. Add Logo

2.Background Music

3.Full HD (1080p)

4.60 Seconds Running Time

5.Voice Over Recording

6.1 times REVISION! (Note that I DO NOT offer free revisions for errors in the voice over script.)Important: After the delivery of video, if you want to revise, please reply the details within 24 hours or the revision will not be accepted

What you need to offer:(ORDER REQUIREMENTS)

  1. Provide less than 150 words Script.
  2. What industry does this order relate to? (optional)
  3. Confirm what Voice-Over you need?
    Accent specifications (American, British)
  4. Please Make Sure Your Script is Error Free!
    Please Provide Pronunciation Assistance For Unusual Names!
    Changes To Your Script After I Deliver, Will Be Charged The Revision Fee. (optional)

Delivery time:

1 week after your order.