Best places to spend Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the largest and most popular digital currency. In the beginning, Bitcoin was for pizza but not anymore. This currency is by far borderless, and it will do much more than getting your pizza. This is as a result of many companies accepting this currency in completing transactions. If you were withholding your Bitcoin worried about how to spend it, this article will be helpful. You will be amazed by the convenience of spending it on your favorite online sites.

In this article, we will highlight the leading platforms accepting this mode of payment. These are the best places to spend Bitcoin online. On these platforms, all your needs will be fulfilled satisfactorily.

Social media marketing. is a leading social media marketing company ideal for internet marketers and entrepreneurs. Their unique services guarantee consistent growth in social media following. Their expertise will boost your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest following thus improving your brand popularity. They accept payment through Bitcoin, Litecoin and other forms of cryptocurrencies. InstaSmarter is essential to bloggers, musician, photographers, and internet marketers looking forward to increasing social media following.

Gold and silver acquisition.
Are you interested in purchasing gold and silver bars or coins? Bitcoin Commodities has got you covered. Through this online platform, you can purchase these precious metals without a hustle. Through their customized services, they will ship your order anywhere in the world. This is one of the best places to spend Bitcoin.

Online shopping.
If you like shopping online, Overstock will let you pay via Bitcoin. This online store offers everything from jewelry, furniture, electronics, clothing to bedding and tools. All these can be purchased and paid by Bitcoin. Overstock also accepts other forms of cryptocurrencies. This shop is essential if you’re looking forward to spending your Bitcoin shopping.

Various travel agencies are accepting Bitcoin. If you wish to make travel arrangements, you can easily book your tickets with Bitcoin. Agencies such as CheapAir, Expedia and Webjet will let you spend your Bitcoin on both international and domestic flights. Expedia will even let you pay for hotel bookings using digital currency.

Pay for TV.
TV payments can be made using Bitcoin. Satellite TV providers such as Dish have been accepting Bitcoin for quite a while. This is essential in ensuring that you enjoy your TV subscription without using any other form of currency. This payment is also made online thus a smooth TV subscription payment process.

Movies and games purchases.
If you are into online gaming, it’s a relief to know that Bitcoin is accepted as a mode of payment. Microsoft, for example, allows their customers to purchase movies and games from their Microsoft accounts using Bitcoin. This is vital to gamers owning Xbox consoles as they can spend their Bitcoin on the Xbox store.

Gift cards.
Buying gift cards with Bitcoin will help you spend it with companies that do not accept Bitcoin. These gift cards will also be great presents for friends and family. Gift cards can be purchased from an online site offering more than 250 gift card brands. These will see you getting an Uber paid through cryptocurrency.

Charitable organizations such as Greenpeace and Red Cross are now accepting Bitcoin. Making a donation is now easy as you can send your donation online. This is essential in helping outreach the needy without using physical currencies. It is also a great way to spend your Bitcoin by funding charity outreach.

Luxury goods.
Purchasing luxury goods has never been this easy. At BitPremier, you can purchase high-end works of art or a performance sports car and pay with Bitcoin. Real estate property can also be purchased here. This is essential to customers making these purchases using cryptocurrency.

Tuition payments.
University students can pay tuition fees using Bitcoin. The pioneer of this trend is the University of Nicosia in Cyprus. Studying here will enable one to make tuition and other fees payment through digital currency. As this trend will soon be global, it will be the best way to make fees payme