Top 10 Tips on How to Write the Perfect Instagram Caption

Over the past few decades, the internet has been taking control of almost every sector with a bang. The business sector, especially, is one of the few that live to enjoy the benefits of this powerful tool. Companies and brands have seen their profiles and sales boosted through social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
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Instagram, for example, is one of the best marketing platforms and that has been utilizing fully. But, it can be somewhat complicated when it comes to things such as captions because they are what bring success. When it comes to writing a caption for your post, there are many things you’ve got to put into consideration. Without further ado, here are a few tips from to help you write the best caption.

What are captions?

Many people assume that captions are just words you write under your post on Instagram. Well, they are, but there is a lot more into them. You should know that captions are words you use to send a direct message to your audience. Hence, they should be handled with much care as they promote your engagement. First, you must know that an engaging caption should have a related hashtag. Hashtags help boost your rankings on Instagram’s search engine. Therefore, you must use them to your benefit. However, this does not mean that you go adding any hashtag you find trending. A good caption should have at most fifteen hashtags and which are directly related to the post.

A caption must also have a call to action or in other words, an inspiration to your followers to like or buy the product on the photo, for example. Failure to include a call to action means that your post won’t be useful. Also, you can use emojis on your post as they help add a touch of color to your post while relaying the message. However, you’re always advised to limit your number to five because overusing them can make you look lazy. Last but not least, you must ensure that your language sounds human. Make it readable and straightforward as followers avoid captions that appear as though a robot wrote them.

Caption ideas for Instagram

  1. Don’t leave the caption empty

You must never assume that your followers know everything about your Instagram posts. It’s for this reason you’re always advised never to leave your captions blank. As stated earlier, captions, when written well, can help bring you traffic and engagement with your audience.

  1. Grammar is key

Captions with grammatical errors can make your brand look unprofessional or a joker. You must know that not all followers view the issue as a simple mistake. Most followers will ignore posts with errors without even a second thought and hence reducing your engagement. When it comes to captions, always ensure your grammar is on point. You can type your insta captions into a word document or use grammar checking tools to ensure that your captions are in their best state.

  1. Begin your caption with the important stuff

In case a caption is long, Instagram typically shoves some part. It’s for this reason you’re always advised to begin your caption with the critical bit. Remember, not all followers are willing to click on the pesky links provided by the platform, and this means losing some reliable clients. Therefore, be creative with the caption such that the first lines provide the reader with valuable info, as well as, the urge to continue reading.

  1. Point the users to your bio

As stated earlier, Instagram is an excellent marketing platform, and that has helped users increase their sales. Captions are crucial when it comes to the marketing part of it. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to include a link within a caption. Therefore, you’re always advised to tell your readers to check the links on your bio. The trick doesn’t only help promote the product in question, but promotes the previous products, as well.

  1. Create an interactive caption

The primary role of a caption is to engage your followers, as well as, promote the product or brand. You can, therefore, incorporate simple questions, add tag games or offer incentives through your caption to achieve all that. These tricks make your posts active because followers will have the urge to start interacting with you.

  1. Write the caption from a follower’s perspective

When writing a caption, it’s advisable to put yourself in your follower’s shoes. Like, you need to know what your fans expect from you. Understanding them helps create an interactive caption, and that results in promoting your brand.

  1. Let the caption speak the brand

The first step towards achieving on social media platforms is posting related content, and that’s through your caption. Therefore, you must ensure that your caption reflects your brand. Otherwise, your followers will get lost in the way. A good caption should make your followers feel as though your brand is talking directly to them.

  1. Read it loud

Well, this may sound insane, but it’s the truth. Reading your caption loud is crucial as it helps create a perfect caption. Reading the caption loud helps capture things that sound odd or unnatural. Therefore, make sure that you always read your captions aloud before posting or from an audience’s perspective.

  1. Resist from the obvious

It’s good to be unique even when it comes to captions. Thus, don’t go using captions that have been overused as this kills the vibe. Cliché captions can make you look like you’re not serious in what you do or you’re lazy. Therefore, you must open your mind and be creative with your captions.

  1. Custom hashtags

As said earlier, hashtags are crucial when it comes to social media rankings. It’s for this reason you’re always advised to add some custom hashtags into your caption. The custom hashtags make your caption appear unique and creative. However, you must ensure that the customized hashtags relate to your brand and post.