Instagram Policy Change and Advice from

Most users are familiar with the 2013-era policy regarding Instagram. Those who are not familiar need to refresh their memories because the rules have changed, yet again.

What should you know about the Instagram New Privacy Policy Now?

Instagram can and will collect the following information from its users:

1) The IDs and personal passcodes of users.
2) It will collect data including pictures and videos. In other words, you may want to be careful about what you post and when. The system will take notes.
3) It will collect data including text messages and video chatting. This is another warning to be careful about the messages you send and to whom. Instagram will take notes.
4) Instagram will also collect data on when and how you use the app.
5) Do you use Facebook too? Instagram is going to collect data on that information too.
6) Instagram will collect and store your location unless you have your address on private.

How Will It Use the Data Under the New Guidelines?

The platform started out using the data to help target specific ads and other information to the right people. Now, though, everything you do and say on Instagram shapes what happens.

It can also use facial recognition to counteract misuse of any kind.

How Can Instagram Protect You From Harm Against Misuse and Other HAcks Under the New Rules?

One way to avoid becoming a victim is to be careful about what you expose to the public and when. Part of the process requires you to be knowledgable on the best days to post on Instagram.

You do have the option of controlling who sees what and when. Knowing the best days to post on Instagram can help to minimize the effects too, especially, when it concerns third-part affiliates.

Now, under the new rules, you might not be able to prevent everything 100%, but you can minimize the effects.

I Wish To Terminate By Involvement, Please

One great thing about the new rules is that app developers will not be able to see anything unless you have used the service within the last 3 months. Do you want to delete your account? The information is deleted forever under the new rules once termination commences.

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