Grow Your Traffic by Giveaways –InstaSmarter.COM(12.6.2020)


Giveaways can bring crazy amount traffic to your blog. To make giveaways more attractive always make them time sensitive i.e. 3 days long. Promote them on your Instagram ,Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all social media marketing pages). You can also work with a bloggers or influencers by simply asking them to inform their audience of your giveaway. Your prize should include a product or

service you offer. Always encourage social media shares and likes for your giveaways, you can do this by giving away bonus entries for shares. Another great idea to use for your giveaways is to hold a quiz or game to have your clients contend to win. This could include commenting on one of your posts and mentioning what they like most about your Blog/website. Make it fun; your customers will love you for it.